Make money from ehailing today!

No 1 Car Rental Investment Ideas 

Have you ever wondered how you would love to partake the success stories behind the e-hailing industries pioneer? Yes, of course you can. You have met the right company that able to give you a piece of pie on the success industry of e-hailing and be part of it.

We are one of the pioneer company that has being supplying vehicles for e-hailing industry since the earliest time of the introduction of this industry to the world.

Forget the traditional Taxi business, and welcome to the industry 4.0 where the span of internet have taken over the move of industries worldwide.

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Are you seeking to make passive income every month up to RM8000? 

Over the span of 7 years in doing business, we have grown from 10 cars to 120 cars, starting from a simple Myvi to Supercar like Nissan GTR. We expand our offer to hotels, travel companies, big corporation to offer our services and was received positively thanks to our company popular business ethics that is known to deliver the best, the affordable, and the awesome people to deal with.


We have closed our account for 1.8 million ringgit worth of turnover in 2017, and increment of 27% from previous year thanks to endless support of our investors and team. This year we expect the same growth and we hope that part of the growth is with you!

How can I start making money with Caracal?

Anyone that have a salary of above RM2000 can start to invest with our company. Currently, our focus project is to support the ever-growing demand of e-hailing rental vehicles. As more people are starting to have more interest in gig-job such as e-hailing, the demands will always getting higher and we will always require more vehicles.

We would need more cars to further expand our business. Due to this, we need more investors to bring in more cars for us to grow. We would require fersh investment by applying more cars. So how do we do it? Easy, if you are interested we will apply new car-loan with the banks under your name and able to take out up to 10 new cars. These cars will be lease to our company for us to rent for e-hailing purposes. Owner does not need to worry about the operation of the company as we will handle the day-to-day operation while you just relax and wait till end of month for your return of investment.

Why Invest in e-Hailing

Car Rental Business

No Money Or Low

Capital Investment

With this investment, everyone can start earning more money as the investment would require no money or as little as RM3k as starting, depending on the approval of bank's loan. We will pursue for 0% down-payment application.

High Return With Low

Capital Investment

With such low or no investment capital you have put in, you may reap up to 47% profit margin every month, for the next 9 Years!

This huge profit will surely bring prosperity in your family and yourself. Invest in high-value assets

No Need To Work

Day-To-Day Operation

No need to worry on the day-to-day operation. Rest assured that our team is highly competent. We have Alpha Driver to register new drivers and replace those that quit. Maintenance, accident, and everything will be handle by us so you can have a worry-free life.

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  • Invest using bank’s money. NOT YOURS!


  • Spend so little (Let say you need to pay car down payment!)


  • Reap so much! Up to 47% profit margin! HUGE!


  • Worry-free, with insurance coverage, no need to worry for accidents, even lost or total loss. All is covered!


  • Invest in assets, because your car has value- you are investing in tangible asset. Something that you can sell back for value.


  • We will handle EVERYTHING, from buying the car, to operation, maintaining the car, and even SELL THE CAR! Care less, reap more!


This is a limited offer, and will close once we have enough investment require to expand. Hurry and get your place before it's too late, call us today to meet!




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Do you know?

1. Rich people does not make money from great career, they make money from investment!

But rich people have more than enough money to keep investing. They invest in business growth, property, land, ASB, unit Trust and so on. But surely, most of us lack the fund to inject right?

Now think car as an asset that is able to produce money for you, do you think you can afford to invest with us and make more more and MORE money? No?

Well that is where a lot of people think. It is easy how you can start venture into this business.

*Calling other phone number will redirect you to marketing team.

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